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     We are Now Recruiting New Members ! Men & Women.

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The Ohio LandSAR is a Team of Volunteers who are Trained in many areas of Search & Rescue

Many of our team members are EMT's, Paramedic's, Firefighters, along with construction workers, mechanics, Truck drivers, Nurses, Security Officers, Various walks of life.

This is what make our team so unique, we put all of the teams knowledge together when at a challenge in a rescue situation


We provide Mutual Aid to civil authorities and Other SAR agencies when needed.

The Ohio LandSAR works very close with the NSI K-9 Search & Recovery Unit through out

Ohio and Indiana. in Clue Detection,Hasty Search,Line Search,recon areas for Lost and Missing persons. 

Our team Members are certified in several different areas,

* Sartech III, II, I

* Cpr, First Aid, AED (adult & Pediatric)

* CERT (Community Emergency Response Team )

* ICS    Courses    100, 200, 500, 700 , 800

* Man Tracking

* Emt, Fire Fighters, Paramedics

* Line Search

* Hasty search

* Recon

The Ohio LandSAR also Provides service to many organizations in the Tri-State area for Special events, Free of Charge.

Traffic Control for Special Events , First Aid Stations, Mobile First Aid Service.

The Ohio LandSAR is a 501 c/3 non-profit organization That works strictly off Donations. 

Our Partner

NSI K-9 Search & Recovery Unit * Clue Detection    * Hasty Search    * Recon Areas for Lost & Missing persons

* Trailing for Wilderness & Urban areas 

* Human Remains detection on Land & Water.

This Is Max, Born June 29th. 2020

He will be The Next Member of The team.

Max  Will Start His Training for Tracking and Trailing coming in September/October 2020

His Owner/Handler Chief John Adams of Ohio LandSAR

will be Training with one of the Best Trainers on this side of the country from The NSI K-9 Team.

Max, was Purchased from " up the Hill K9"

a Professional Breeder of German shepherds from Working backgrounds

Located in Michigan.  


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(513) 633-1230

Ohio  LandSAR  is a 501 c/3 non-profit Organization